"As I began building my professional career in politics and government, I transferred the skills and character traits I learned while working with Judith. Diplomacy, poise, grace and above all, self confidence are life long lessons I will carry with me throughout my career."

"I would have never been the young woman I am today without you."

"My favorite thing that Judith tells her girls is that she can never promise them a win. However, she does promise that they will be ready to do their best."

"Throughout the years, Judith has molded me into a confident, intelligent winner, whether I take home the crown or not. The bottom line is that Judith has provided me with the means to believe in myself."

"Everything Judith taught me over the years prepared me for the corporate world. I became less introverted, wasn't afraid to go after what I wanted, and my interview skills and confidence improved drastically."

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Thank you for visiting Judith and Company. We offer a broad range of services and expertise for those looking to excel in pageants and beyond. We believe that pageants are the greatest tool for preparing young women to be successful in life, and that training for pageants sets the standard for how we approach each event in life. That's why finding a trainer who "gets it" beyond pageants is vital to a successful pageant investment.

Judith Coffman's decades of experience developed her unmatched consulting skills to transform potential into polished talent. Arming each woman with the basics to create her signature presence, Judith and Company calls upon the expertise of successful women in various industries to provide the most resourceful and understanding guidance for your experience.


Our Consultants are here to give you expert advise! Please click on their photos to learn more about them.

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announcing OUR 2012-13 RESULTS

Winner Int'l Cinderella Miss - Willow Osborne (TN)
Winner World's Our Little Miss - Amanda Lee (FL)
Winner Nat'l American Nation Teen - Olivia Michael (NJ)
Winner Int'l Cinderella Talent - Alexandra DeRoos (FL)
1st RU Int'l Cinderella Miss - Maddie Lee (NC)
4th RU Int'l Cinderella Miss - Francesca Alfano (FL)
1st RU Int'l Cinderella Teen - Laryssa Bonaquisti ( TX)
4th RU Int'l Cinderella Teen - Abigail Schwartz
2nd RU Nat'l American Nation Miss - Christina Monello (NJ)
Top 10 Int'l Cinderella Woman - Ashley Doane (TN)
2nd RU Int'l Cinderella Teen Talent - McKenzie Roberts (TN)
Winner Int'l Woman Beauty - Asley Doane (TN)
Winner NJ Miss Teen America - Katie Donato
Winner VA Miss American Coed - McKay Magness
Winner CO Miss American Coed - Abigail Schwartz
Winner CO Cinderella Teen - Abigail Schwartz
1st RU TX Outstanding Teen - Laryssa Bonaquisti
1st RU Miss NY America - Katie Berry
Winner Miss Univ of Alabama - Caitlin Brunell
3rd RU Miss Alabama America - Caitlin Brunell
Winner FL State Cinderella Mini-Miss - Alexandra DeRoos
Winner FL State Cinderella Miss - Francesca Alfano
Winner NJ Miss American Nation - Christina Monello
Top Ten Miss NJ USA - Christina Monella
Miss Manhattan (NY) - Amanda Mason

about us

Judith and Company is a consultant group that consists of a network of professionals acquired by Judith Coffman throughout her decades in the entertainment and pageant industry. Bringing together the strongest talent in the business, Judith and Company presents a wide variety of resources available for the client's benefit.

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We understand that each case is unique and we base our services on your goals, motivation, and personal story.

Through one-on-one services and traveling seminars, We aim to enhance your individuality, achieve your personal zenith, and create your "signature presence."

"Judith Coffman knows the inside and out of the pageant world. Not only did she help my daughter win several titles but she became a part of our family. Her goal is not to "mold" a winner but make each girl the best she can be and that is exactly what she does. Her knowledge is invaluable and we are lucky to have found her."
- Dr. Julie Stefanski, mother of Madison Stefanski / Michigan's American National Miss Pre-Teen 2008 / Miss MI American Coed Pre-teen 2008