Tiffany Ogle

Miss Minnesota America 2004 / Miss MN 2004 Interview Winner / Miss MN USA Teen Top 5

Miss MN USA Top 10 / MTV MADE Pageant Coach / Talk Show Host NBC Milwaukee

ShopNBC Product Host / TV & Film Actress


Interview / Stage Presence / Platform Branding & Speaking / Entertainment Business



Competing in pageantry is about giving you life skills and confidence on and off the stage.  But let's be serious, I've never known someone who has competed without wanting to be their personal best and hopefully have the opportunity of a lifetime to wear the crown.  I will wholeheartedly admit, many times I learned more about myself when I didn't win a competition, as well as how to be a graceful winner, but the Crown ultimately changed my life.  I couldn't have done it without the coaches I had along the way...
My job as a coach is NOT to tell you you're perfect, but rather to give you honest feedback to help you be YOUR BEST!  I adore working with teens and girls to help gain self-confidence, manners, modeling, posture and stage presence as well as on-stage speaking and interview skills.  Miss and Mrs contestants, it's important to create a self-marketing plan, speaking profile, and gain media appearances that will propel you into the public eye giving you confidence and purpose behind the crown. 

Through competing, judging, producing and hosting many pageants, I've seen what it takes to be Great. My background as a talent scout for a prestigious Talent Agency in the Midwest and MIE (Models in Europe) as well as working at several modeling and acting schools, I've gained the knowledge and the teaching ability to make your star rise.  As an MTV MADE Pageant Coach, I worked with a young girl, Shelby, who had no experience in grooming or pageantry and turned her into Miss American Coed Teen Queen. CNN HLN soon called and asked if I could be a Pageant Contributor after Miss USA pageants.  As a nationally recognized coach and TV Host, I truly believe every girl has the opportunity to achieve her personal best through the right coaching, hard work, a positive mentality and sincere commitment to having fun along the way!
Through competing in pageants, I not only overcame my biggest fear of singing on stage, but I also credit my success in Television and Motivational Speaking to my pageant career. I have always loved performing in theatre, public speaking, improv comedy, commercial and film acting and now I have the priveledge of telling other peoples stories and interviewing Celebrities as a Television Host on Milwaukee's NBC morning talk show, "The Morning Blend".  I've interviewed top celebrities including; Jimmy Fallon, Howie Mandel, Taylor Hicks, Lisa & Harry Hamlin, Lou Ferigno, Nigella Lawson, Hanson, LifeHouse, Jessie Cinsak of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, Lauren Conrad and many more!  What I've learned is that, everyone starts somewhere and had people who believed in them along the way! View my website for more of my Television and Speaking background as well as my coaching history:  


I am honored to be working with our talented team along side Judith Coffman and I know together we can help you become the Star you are meant to be.  Never reach a point in life where you stop learning! 


"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation" 

- Aristotle