In addition to the testimonials listed below, we encourage you to ask for recommendations directly from our clients. We will gladly provide contact information of a past client so you can examine us in confidence. 


Jillian Wunderlich (Miss FL Teen USA 08) / Madelanah McFarland 

(Miss MI Sweetheart American Coed 09/10) / Anastagia Pierre (Miss FL USA 09)


Testimonials & Clients

"Judith was one of the first people that we were introduced to when we opened Regalia almost 20 years ago! We were immediately impressed with her sincerity, charisma, and professionalism, but most of all, her knowledge in ALL aspects of pageantry. Over these years, we've seen Judith help hundreds of contestants achieve amazing results, on the local, national and international stages, with her guidance. Her skills and knowledge are not limited to a single pageant system, or age group; Judith is well versed in all the various pageant systems and forms of competition! You'll be in the "best of hands" with Judith and Co."

- Carry Oneal and David Lang / Regalia Magnificent Apparel Owners / Orlando, FL


"I highly recommend Judith Coffman as your next pageant coach, life coach, and friend. When you work with Judith, she not only brings an impressive portfolio of professional success but a kind spirit that helps you grow as a person. Judith genuinely cares about every young woman she works with; she has a true heart of gold and I'm proud to know her. As I began building my professional career in politics and government, I transferred the skills and character traits I learned while working with Judith. Diplomacy, poise, grace and above all, self confidence are life long lessons I will carry with me throughout my career. Judith Coffman will train you for more than just pageants - she will help prepare you for life."

-Megan Ortagus, Miss FL United States 2002 / Presently: Director of Communications for The Institute For The Study Of War (ISW), Washington, DC. 


"Judith Coffman knows the inside and out of the pageant world. Not only did she help my daughter win several titles but she became a part of our family. Her goal is not to "mold" a winner but make each girl the best she can be and that is exactly what she does. Her knowledge is invaluable and we are lucky to have found her."

-Dr. Julie Stefanski, mother of Madison Stefanski /
Michigan's American National Miss Pre-Teen 2008 / Miss MI American Coed Pre-teen 2008


"Miss Judith has been not only the best pageant coach ever; she has been a great friend. She has guided me and helped me succeed in pageants and in life. She always has fresh and fun ideas for each competition. I owe so much gratitude to her for all the time she has invested in me. She is an irreplaceable pageant coach and friend. Thank you, Miss Judith for everything. I would have never been the young woman I am today without you."


-Kati Krieg / American National Teenager 2008, Florida National American Miss Jr Teen 2007, Florida National American Miss Preteen 2005, National Coed Sweetheart 2000

"P.S. Judith knows pageants - she prepares each girl individually and brings out the best in each girl. I know that Kati is learning skills from Judith that will not only benefit her in pageants but also in life. Kati loves working with Judith and that is very important to

-Kati's Mom


"Judith Coffman started out as my daughter's pageant coach, but quickly became much more than that. She became a surrogate grandmother, friend and mentor. My daughter has blossomed under Judith's tutelage and has grown in self-esteem and confidence, not to mention the skills needed to become the success in the pageant and talent arena that she has become, winning several state and national titles. Judith is a veritable fountain of knowledge having many years of experience under her belt. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve both their life skills and their self-assurance."

-Patti Schechter, mother of Savannah Schechter / Cinderella International Teen 2010 / Miss USA Teen World 2009 / NJ National American Miss Jr Teen 2008, 1st runner-up at Nationals / NJ American National Teenager 2008, 2nd runner up at Nationals / NJ American Coed Preteen 2006



"It is an honor to be one of "Judith's Girls". In my case, Judith took a 12-year old girl who had never competed in a pageant and helped her to compete at Miss America and Miss USA. I could never have made it to neither Miss America or Miss USA without her! The best part of working with Judith (besides the delicious banana bread) is she is a one-stop pageant shop. She taught me how to style my hair and make-up, answer an on-stage question, and model a swimsuit. She would pick out the perfect photo for the program book and take me shopping for my pageant wardrobe. Judith's interview techniques are what makes her the most effective. Her clever speeches
made me stand out from the competition and she gave me the confidence to be ready for any interview questions asked. Judith is a cheerleader, drill sergeant, stage mother, and best friend all rolled into one. Judith has worked with the top girls in the pageant industry and she knows what wins."

-Katy Johnson
MADE Coach in MTV's MADE ~"I Want to be a Beauty Queen!"
Miss Vermont USA 2001
Miss Vermont 1999
1st Runner-Up in Miss Florida USA 1998
1st Runner-Up in Miss Florida Teen USA 1997
Florida's Homecoming Queen 1996
Miss United States Teen 1995
Florida Cinderella Teen 1994
Pageantry Magazine Columnist of "Crown Tips" for eight years
1st Inductee into "Who's Who in Pageants" by Pageantry Magazine



"When Caitlin got a flyer in the mail about a pageant she was thrilled. Stacy and I decided that it would be a good idea and so off they went for the weekend. Little did I know that my daughter would have the time of her life. Soon we were introduced to Judith Coffman. Judith and Caitlin started working together and Stacy and I immediately noticed what a positive influence she had on our daughter. I am thankful to Judith for all she has done for Caitlin and our family."

- Mark Brunell



" Judith has been wonderful for Caitlin! My favorite thing that Judith tells her girls is that she can never promise them a win however, she does promise that they will be ready to do their best. She never coaches her girls in the same way because she has realized (I think it is the key to her success) that what works for one girl might not work for another girl. She helps each girl individually. She builds up their strengths, encourages them and challenges them to be their best. It has been a great relationship and I am thankful to call her not only a coach but a friend!"

- Stacy Brunell



"By working with Ms. Judith, I have achieved more than I could have ever dreamed! She has built my confidence and encouraged me every step of the way! I know I have learned things from her that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I don't know what I would do without her as my coach! She is the BEST!!"


- Caitlin Brunell
Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008



"Judith came into my life in 2004 when I was sixteen because she helped me prepare for my very first pageant - Florida Cinderella Teen. With Judith's help, I took home my first state title that year, and went on the become Florida's First Outstanding Teen the following year. Years later in 2008, Judith guided me in my preparation for Miss Indiana where I placed in the top ten my very first try. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without Judith's love, advice, and guidance. Throughout the years, Judith has molded me into a confident, intelligent winner whether I take home the crown or not. The bottom line is that Judith has provided me with the means to believe in myself."

- Ashton Kunkle / 4th Runner-Up Miss Washington, DC 2009 / Presently, Assistant Chief Of Staff to the Mayor of DC. 



"I was new to fairly new to pageants when I first started working with Judith Coffman and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made to hire her as my coach. Judith helped me realize what I am capable of achieving. She took a recent college graduate with no real interview or pageant experience, and helped her become Miss Florida USA 2004. I continued to work with Judith while preparing for Miss USA, and finished in the top ten. Judith not only became my coach and mentor but she also became my close friend. As a team , we continued my success in pageants and I placed first runner up at US Miss World. Everything Judith taught me over the years prepared me for the corporate world. I became less introverted, wasn't afraid to go after what I wanted, and my interview skills and confidence improved drastically. I can honestly say that with out the support and love from Judith...I wouldn't be where I am today. The wonderful part about our relationship is that I can call her whenever I need advice on a job, relationships or life in general. Judith will always remain a part of my family."


- Kristen Berset / Miss Florida USA 2004 / FOX Sports Anchor, Baltimore, Maryland



"Dear Miss Judith, You have been helping me with pageants since I was 9 years old. I love working with you! You are always there for me and my family, to give advice and encouragement. Pageants would not be the same without you. I appreciate all you do for me and I will always have a special place in my heart for you."

- Taylor Tyson / 2006-2007 International Cinderella Miss
/ 2010 -2011 Miss Miami Outstanding Teen; 2nd Runner-Up Miss FL outstanding Teen



"For the past eleven years I have had the pleasure of not only working with but also getting to know Judith on a personal level. She has truly touched my life and I feel that her impact on me has guided me to where I am today. As a ten year old little girl I was introverted and extremely shy but when I began working with Judith she spoke to my heart. Judith helped me to gain the self-confidence, poise, charisma, style, and speaking skills that not only were useful in pageantry but also in my everyday life. Judith has an excellent eye for great clothing, shoes, and accessories and has connections to some of the most reputable designers and pageant savvy people in the world. She has an overall understanding of what it takes to be a winner and will help you in whatever way she can to achieve your personal goals. Her professionalism is ranked among the greatest and she has truly been a blessing in my life. "



- Adrienne Nurss
2005 Miss Arizona's Outstanding Teen
Top 10 Miss America's Outstanding Teen
2000-AZ State Cinderella Miss
-1st Alt. International Cinderella Miss
2003-AZ State Cinderella Teen
2004-3rd Alt. Miss Arizona Teen USA



"Working with Judith for the past 10 years has been such a blessing in my life. She is so well connected in this industry and she has a real eye for picking clothes that win! She has helped me find wardrobes that fits my personality and style, and look that great on stage. More than that, however, she has always gone the extra mile to help me in whatever ways I have needed and her support and advice have been instrumental in my journey to Miss America. I don't know what I would do without her!"

-Erin Nurss
MPH Candidate, Health Behavior and Promotion
College of Public Health
Arizona Nutrition Network Intern
University of Arizona
Miss Arizona (America) 2008
Cinderella International Teen talent winner 2000
Arizona State Cinderella Woman 2004
International Cinderella woman 2nd runner up 2004



What a blessing, Judith Coffman, has been in our lives. Over the past 11 years, Judith has been our guiding light. She maintains such professionalism when it comes to coaching and grooming of young girls. Ms. Judith came into our life as a mentor and coach for our two girls, Erin and Adrienne. She has taken them to great heights, both in the pageant arena and in the personal life skills arena. Both have grown to be confident and contributing young ladies due to Judith's love and friendship.  Judith has a wicked eye for fashion, style, and cutting edge wardrobe. Over the years, she has opened doors to fabulous contacts for all aspects of the competition world to include gowns, jewelry, swimsuits, suits, shoes, costumes, etc. She is connected to so many fabulous designers and has warranted pricing discounts for her contestants due to her volume of business and personal relationships she has nurtured with these trade lines. No matter what venue you and your family chose to participate in, Judith has the experience and knowledge of all major pageant competition forums. She aligns herself with most top level producers in the pageantry arena. You can feel confident that she will guide competitors to match each competition venue. 

On a personal note, I consider Judith to be a very dear friend and confidant. I am able to discuss any and all personal and professional situations with her and know that she maintains the highest of confidentiality levels at all times."

- Terry Nurss, mother of Erin and Adrienne Nurss